Adam Fraser

When Kelly first asked me if I wanted to write for My Entertainment World, my first response was, “You know I have no qualifications or experience whatsoever, right?” but then I thought about all the passionate rants and gut-wrenching, trying-not-to-cry-and-then-crying, brooding-in-the-dark moments I’ve had as a life long Leafs’ fan. I spend most of my […]

  Andrew Markowiak

Lou Lamoriello and the Toronto Maple Leafs have made it very clear that they’re ready to compete. While the word out of MLSE is that the Shanaplan is still in full swing, it’s become apparent that the development of this roster has thundered past expectations and the team is looking to enter an era of […]

  Michael Distefano

The Rest of the Tour: The Winnipeg Jets The Calgary Flames The Ottawa Senators The Edmonton Oilers The Leafs We’re back to Hockey in Leaf Land and plenty of skepticism still remain in the biggest hockey market in the world. Will Kadri stay consistent? Will Clarkson bounce back? Will Carlyle make it through the entire […]