25 April 2017

Go Watch Little Big Lies

By // TV

I’m sure by now you have come up with a list of reasons why you can’t watch every show. No time, no interest, and no access are all valid excuses …

23 August 2015

Season Wrap Up: The Astronaut Wives’ Club

By // TV

So it turns out, this Stephanie Savage ABC drama was commissioned as a limited series, scheduled to wrap up in the span of its 10 episode run, making Thursday’s finale …

17 August 2015

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

By // TV

I’ve been obsessed with Wet Hot American Summer for years. It just gets me, and it only gets better the more you watch it. So I freaked out when I …

19 June 2014

The Evolution of the Mini-Series into the Limited Series

By // TV

Back in May 2012- which seems like a long time ago, but it was only 2 years ago- the USA network premiered a show entitled Political Animals.  The show starred …

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