11 October 2007

Building a Better Nation- Kid Nation

By // TV

There has got to be something wrong with me because I just cried like a baby while watching Kid Nation. The friendships that have developed are truly touching and the …

04 October 2007

Kid Nation part 3

By // TV

This show is soooo entertaining!!! #1) Taylor desperately needs to be impeached and replaced with Zach. I feel like they purposely put her on the council to contrast the other …

02 October 2007

Kid Nation episode 2

By // TV

Firstly: no one is as great a kid as Michael. He’s spectacular: hardworking, vastly intelligent, analytical, fair, kind, he has his priorities straight, he’s fond of the young kids, he …

25 September 2007

Kid Nation!!!!!!!!

By // TV

I really like Kid Nation!!! These kids are amazing. Even the ones you’re really not supposed to like (ie: Greg) have moments where they’re awesome (helping out the kid with …

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