I really like Kid Nation!!!

These kids are amazing. Even the ones you’re really not supposed to like (ie: Greg) have moments where they’re awesome (helping out the kid with the muscle spasm, offering to be Jimmy’s wing man, helping the younger kids on his team during the challenge, his pride in Sophia when she won the gold star). Soo many of the kids are really smart and some are really hard workers. Sophie is awesome and I totally understand exactly where she’s coming from whenever she’s bossy or confrontational.

I adore Michael (his speech and when he said he really likes the kids), he kind of an awesome kid. It seems as if the council is made up of really random people. I understand Mike (even if he is only 11 he’s a pretty good and very dedicated leader) and I think Anjay has real leadership potential. Even Taylor had some truly inspirational moments and Laurel is showing great strength in leading her team through friendship (a trait Michael criticized in other leaders) but Laurel is clearly going to get preachy down the road and Taylor flat out lied about why the dishes weren’t getting done “I’m a beauty queen I don’t do dishes” but “we’re doing our best but there are a lot” was the official word. Michael and Sophia should be the other 2 leaders. I wish the show would leave them alone a bit more to create their own social structure instead of “the council” and survivor-like challenges determining their fate. People like Michael, Mike and Sophia would have set themselves apart as natural leaders in a Jack-like way (lord of the flies- the early pre-savagery chapters) which would have been fascinating to watch. I’ll miss Jimmy (who’s adorable but has gone home) but am really looking forward to the next episode.