Firstly: no one is as great a kid as Michael. He’s spectacular: hardworking, vastly intelligent, analytical, fair, kind, he has his priorities straight, he’s fond of the young kids, he knows when to speak and when to stay silent, he’s got an extraordinary gift of communication and leadership. I’m waiting for his flaw. he’s also clearly very well off judging by the way both he and his mother reacted to the gold star win (and the camera was very careful not to show much of his house unlike Sophia’s).


Secondly: the green team has the two best kids in town (Michael and Sophia) so why do they suck so much?


Thirdly: Taylor should be exiled for being an idiot. Zach should usurp power over her team. There had better be a rule stating she can be overthrown.


Fourthly: how rocking a leader is Mike? he’s got amazing leadership potential. He’s organized, competitive, driven and strategic but was the first to tell the green team that their loss was alright.


Fifthly: why doesn’t Anjay get any screen time?


Sixthly: DK seems pretty cool- we need more of him.


Seventhly: Emilie is a lunatic


Eighthly: so is Jerod


Ninethly: I understand where Greg is coming from but he screwed himself over by messing with Mike the first week and now he has to work harder for the recognition than other kids do. There’s still time for him to win if he keeps up his new behaviour but next week he’s sure to throw a tantrum that will ruin his chances for good. Also: he’s a weirdly skilled boy, first he’s a butcher, now he’s a plumber? that’s skill. They would have been lost without him on that chicken thing. But being a jerk will kill you every time. I liked that he still worked after winning the challenge (even if for the wrong reasons). He and Sophia seem to get on really well and they’re both past puberty and within a year of each other… showmance anyone?


Tenthly: they have got to leave those kids to their own devices more and stop pretending that that book was left for them by an old pioneer.


This show is SO much fun. but they have GOT to get rid of Taylor- she’s an example of a whole lotta stupid and lazy and lies.