Kelly Bedard

Before we announce the winners of the 2016 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Best Actress nominee Anne-Marie Piazza brought light and love and lots of cleverness to the star role of Beatrice in Iris Theatre’s lively outdoor Much Ado About Nothing in London’s Covent Garden. She then turned around and brought brilliant comedy […]

  Jordan Morrissey

Staged within the pretty grounds and interior of the wonderfully fitting 17th century St Paul’s Church (the Actor’s Church) and situated in the heart of busy Covent Garden, Treasure Island is the second in-house summer production by the Iris Theatre. It is a new take on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, billed as an immersive, swashbuckling […]

  Caroline Schurman-Grenier

Outdoor performances in London can be a gamble. If it rains, all the audience cares about is that they were in a dry, covered space. Luckily, Iris’ Theatre production of Much Ado About Nothing is so entertaining that, even with a little rain, the show must go on and the audience is not too annoyed […]

  Oliver Simmonds

There is nothing like the Iris Theatre’s outdoor season in London. It is usually the summer, you have been working all day and you venture to Covent Garden; no, not to see the buskers, although there is some similarity to the Iris and what goes on only metres away. You gather around the performers, starting […]