15 January 2016

David Bowie’s Lazarus

By // Theatre (New York)

My review of Lazarus was written. Finished. Sitting in my e-mail outbox ready to be sent on the morning of January 11. Then, I turned on the news and heard …

15 May 2014

Death of a Titan: Silicon Valley‘s Peter Gregory

By // TV

It wasn’t until the day after Silicon Valley’s third episode did I even realize that the actor Christopher Evan Welch, who played borderline-autistic billionaire Peter Gregory, had died back in …

06 September 2012

Tony Scott, a Retrospective

By // Cinema

The week before my eighth birthday the only thing I wanted more than a new bicycle was to see Crimson Tide.  It was early May and I distinctly remember the …

14 June 2012

Goodbye Ray

By // Books

Ray Bradbury was an extraordinary writer. He died on June 5th, 2012, at the age of 91 after a lengthy illness. He was one of my favorite contemporary writers. He …

05 May 2012

In Memoriam: Junior Seau

By // Sports

Like many lifelong football fans, I was saddened to hear about that passing of Junior Seau. TMZ first reported and confirmed the passing of the iconic linebacker, victim of what …

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