25 April 2015

On Stage in TO: Event Theatre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Brantwood (Sheridan College) It’s a shame that this immersive, site-specific, multi-narrative, multi-genre theatrical experience will be closing on May 3rd so that the century-old school in which it’s housed can …

19 September 2014

On Stage in TO: Shakespeare Season

By // Theatre (Toronto)

We are now approaching the end of what I am tempted to call “Shakespeare Season” in Toronto. In addition to Stratford’s nearby productions (this year King Lear, Antony & Cleopatra, …

30 July 2012

Mackers at Casa Loma

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I’ve always liked Humber River Shakespeare, mostly because I always like Shakespeare- anywhere, in any form, by any company- but their 2012 Macbeth is by far the best thing I’ve …

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