17 May 2019

Hot Docs Interview: The Directors of The Pickup Game

By // Cinema

If you need to be reminded about how toxic masculinity can be used as a business model, then the documentary The Pickup Game should be essential viewing. Or if you …

31 May 2018

Documentary Scores

By // Cinema

One aspect of the documentary films I’ve seen this year at Hot Docs and Inside Out Festival, is the use of musical score to add drive and liveliness to the …

10 May 2017

HotDocs ’17 in Review

By // Cinema

This year’s International HotDocs Festival in Toronto, is made up of eclectic array of documentaries divided into different categories. Part of the collection this year is an emphasis on the …

04 May 2017

Hot Docs Interview: Charles Wilkinson

By // Cinema

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, however it’s nearly impossible for people to buy property due to the high housing prices. Charles Wilkinson’s documentary Vancouver: No …

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