Rachael Nisenkier

The first Magic Mike was an art house movie pretending it was Middle Aged Lady Porn. Stephen Soderbergh made a movie about addiction and dreaming, about the laziness of one’s early twenties and the value of friendship and guidance, and the importance of occasionally taking aim at a goal and going for it with everything […]

A couple times a year, one of young Toronto’s more engaging performers steps out from behind the piano where he spends most of his time accompanying other acts (like Sharron Matthews) or playing at Statlers Piano Bar (every Tuesday night) and assembles a crazy cast of characters to accompany him to the cabaret stage (usually […]

  Kelly Bedard

Long lost Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson re-joined his ageing comrades on Friday in the middle of their performance of erstwhile Burger King jingle “I Want it That Way” at their joint concert with New Kids on the Block (as “supergroup” NKOTBSB). I will warn patrons of this site right now, I adore the Backstreet Boys, […]