11 February 2009


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¬†It’s that time of year again. Flower prices are skyrocketing, restaurant reservations are hard to come by, jewelry stores are bustling and all around North America people are wishing that …

07 August 2008

a short obsession list

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MEGHAN AND SEAN.¬†Felicity’s eccentric former roommate and Ben’s lovable landlord are the saving graces of a mediocre season 3. The unlikely couple are hilarious and adorable together. Amidst a boring …


31 July 2008

This Week’s Obsessions

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Felicity’s Haircut Most people hated it when Felicity’s response to getting her heart broken was to cut off her signature long curls. In fact, the change of hair in season …

17 July 2008

Obsessions of the Week

By // TV

I apologize for being late with this week’s installment of “obsessions” but I was incredibly sick yesterday. So here they are, a day late, my “obsessions of the week” Scott …

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