MEGHAN AND SEANFelicity’s eccentric former roommate and Ben’s lovable landlord are the saving graces of a mediocre season 3. The unlikely couple are hilarious and adorable together. Amidst a boring Ben/Felicity relationship, a severe Noel character meltdown, an over-the-top drug/shooting incident and stupid Elena romance problems, the fact that Meghan and Sean were given so much material made Felicity’s 3rd season watchable. And who doesn’t love Greg Grunberg, … Scott Speedman who?

THE BACKSTREET BOYS. I’m going to their concert tonight. Kevin may be gone but as long as Brian’s still around I’m game. I can’t wait!

SPIN CITY. I recently bought “Michael J Fox’s All-Time Favourite Episodes, Volume I” on DVD. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy this show. Barry Bostwick is priceless, you all know my love for Connie Britton, Alan Ruck and Richard Kind are wonderful comedians and there are few actors that I love more than Michael J Fox- doesn’t he just seem like the nicest guy in the world?