Felicity’s Haircut
Most people hated it when Felicity’s response to getting her heart broken was to cut off her signature long curls. In fact, the change of hair in season 2 is (somewhat jokingly) charged with the decline in the show’s ratings. I, on the other hand, love her haircut. I think if you’ve got Keri Russell’s graceful neck and delicate feminine features why not show them off with a short haircut. Audrey Hepburn pulled it off, and so does Keri Russell.

Jason Robert Brown
The best contemporary musical theatre composer out there is a staple of my music collection. This week I’ve wailed alongside Cathy and sympathized with Jamie in The Last Five Years while baking a batch of cookies. I’ve wept for Leo while listening to Parade and walking home. I’ve examined “What it means to be a friend” while listening to a sample recording of 13 and been inspired by Songs for a New World. There’s no one better than JRB.

Seriously, it’s surprisingly entertaining.

The Mole‘s Nicole
She may be crazy but has there been a smarter or bolder woman on reality TV in recent history? If she isn’t the mole (which, if she is, she is doing an amazing job of hiding), I really hope she wins.

The Dr. Horrible Panel at Comic Con
I may not have been able to be there but from the audio recording I heard this sounds like the greatest panel in history. Then again, was there ever any question when the central forces of the project are 2 of the coolest men alive (Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris)?