21 September 2019

Favourites Series: Clare Blackwood talks to Felicia Day

By // Books

Welcome to the first episode of our brand new Favourites Series! …


16 September 2011

We Love You Neil, Congratulations

By // TV

The How I Met Your Mother star gets his star on the sketchy part of The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

27 September 2009

A Thoroughly Entertaining Read

By // TV

One of Entertainment Weekly’s newest photo galleries is a run down of what they consider to be the 25 greatest episodes in the Whedonverse. And while I don’t agree with …

13 December 2008

Late Obsessions: Firefly edition

By // TV

So I’ve only just realized that I completely forgot to post my obsessions of the week. Sorry. Tonight I’m watching a Firefly marathon, finally finishing the series. So, a little …


31 July 2008

This Week’s Obsessions

By // TV

Felicity’s Haircut Most people hated it when Felicity’s response to getting her heart broken was to cut off her signature long curls. In fact, the change of hair in season …

18 July 2008

Joss+Neil+free time= GENIUS

By // TV

The writers’ strike was a good thing. 1) it negotiated fairly for the future of the industry 2) I barely even noticed the shortened TV seasons (though I wish they …

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