10 April 2014

My Cinematic 2013: Part X (Honorable Mention)

By // Cinema

I saw 90 movies in 2013… if you’ve read any of the previous 9 entries in this Cinematic 2013 series (which you absolutely should have), you’ve heard this whole spiel …

06 April 2014

My Cinematic 2013: Part IX (The Top Ten)

By // Cinema

I saw 90 movies in 2013 (or shortly thereafter, if we’re being honest- I don’t know how anyone is expected to see all the Christmas releases in one week!). 90 …

04 February 2014

Our Favourites: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

By // Cinema

As the film opens, we enter a dimly lit room and join the middle of what is a tale about the virtues and horrors of being an immigrant minority in …

19 May 2013

What Ever Happened to Margaret Yang?

By // Cinema

When I first saw Rushmore, alone at the Franklin Mall AMC Cinema 6, it was both an effort to ditch my Friday afternoon Intro to Philosophy class and a need …

13 March 2013

Our Favourites: If I Had to Pick Five…

By // Cinema

Nothing says over-reaching pretension quite like a top 5 list of my all-time favorite movies, right? First of all, I’ve likely seen about 2,893 movies in my lifetime, so to …

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