19 September 2017

Simcoe- Roads to Rivers

By // Music

Roads to Rivers is the second release from indie pop-rockers Simcoe. The new EP sees the band continuing down the road of moody and melodic songwriting that they began on their …

29 June 2016

David Jacobson & the Space Wizards: Psychedelica Revisited

By // Music

David Jacobson and the Space Wizards are based out of Brooklyn, New York…

21 June 2015

EP Release: Simcoe’s Self-Titled Debut

By // Music

Release Date: June 12 2015 Upcoming Show: Smiling Buddha, July 3 Buy the EP & Name Your Price Simcoe is the eponymous first EP release from the Toronto-based indie music makers …

06 November 2014

EP Release: Nate Paladino- Good Boy

By // Music

Had enough of your goddamn tricks Your half-assed stories and your broken thoughts … I don’t care about monogamy Just as long as everyday you spend an hour with me …

24 May 2013

Natalie Gelman- Streetlamp Musician

By // Music

NYC troubadour Natalie Gelman’s new EP dropped last week, forcing me to take an honestly dedicated look at the tracks that have been non-commitally blending in with the rest of …

06 February 2013

Come Around Again (EP) by David Jacobson

By // Music

David Jacobson plays simple acoustic guitar lines like a man capable of more than a little Frivolous Complexity, who has nevertheless learned the value of restraint.  ‘Please Tell Me’, the …

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