24 September 2011

Pilot Watch: A Gifted Man

By // TV

A Gifted Man is not a new show. I mean, it is a new show- a CBS Friday night experiment in unconventional procedural drama- but it adheres to a formula …


23 August 2010

Actor Obsession: Matt Letscher

By // TV

So there’s this guy. Whenever someone asks me who my favourite TV actors are, I never think of him. I don’t remember to include him in lists of TV crushes, …

24 March 2009

Little Anne is All Grown Up

By // TV

And while we’re on the subject of Canada and its contributions to the world of entertainment, imagine my delight when this week’s Brothers & Sisters contained a guest spot from …

21 November 2008

ABC lets me down

By // TV

While I was at a friend’s place for dinner tonight someone asked a hypothetical question: “if the TV only had 3 channels, which 3 channels would you want them to …

14 February 2008

Television Prophets

By // TV

All hail the the almighty end of the writers strike. That being said, there’s another almighty at work in today’s TV climate- the actual almighty. Considering all the shows in …

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