Kelly Bedard

The Good – SYTYCD‘s earnest (annoying?) farmboy Kent is engagingly mature, almost (dare I say it) sexy, this week in a smooth Dave Scott hip hop with Comfort and a beautiful Travis Wall contemporary with Lauren. – Deserving Emmy nominees abound, especially Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler. – Big Brother returns with a cool new […]

Fat Shows, the biggest problem since Skinny Shows

This week was the premiere of a new ABC family show called Huge. It’s basically an hour each week in which rebellious Will (you know she’s a rebel because she’s got blue hair) obnoxiously fights against losing weight at fat camp. Oh boy. I cannot wait. The premiere alone was chock a block full of […]

Diva’s Back On Top
  Kelly Bedard

This week more than made up for last week’s frustrating entry into the Drop Dead Diva canon. Tonight, fans were treated to a Deb who was finally happy being Jane- a major event that was not dwelled upon or undermined in any way. We also got 2 clever, self-contained legal stories. Fred had a lovely […]

A Weaker Diva
  Kelly Bedard

After a consistently strong season so far, Drop Dead Diva felt a little tired this week in the fourth episode of its second season. While I applaud the return to humanizing Kim, appreciate a well-placed Michael Buble reference and giggled at Jane and Tony’s faux cross-examination, I thought the entire episode was a little heavy […]

My Week in TV
  Kelly Bedard

I was bored, so I made my own version of TV University (a format I blatantly stole from something I saw on please, no one sue me). This week I got the opportunity to participate in a conference call with Secret Life of the American Teenager actress India Eisley. Not being very familiar with […]

Diva Begins Again
  Kelly Bedard

My favourite summer show returned tonight with a wonderful season 2 premiere. Kicking off with a song and dance number featuring Paula Abdul (reprising her fantasy judge role from season 1) and a handful of So You Think You Can Dance‘s best and brightest, the series continued what is developing into quite a tradition of […]

5 Things To Look Forward To In “Diva” Season 2

With the second season of my new favourite summer show, Drop Dead Diva, premiering Sunday on Lifetime, I thought I’d ask creator/showrunner Josh Berman what viewers have to look forward to this season. Here’s what he had to say: “1. More surprises – As Jane thinks she’s got a handle on her new life, there […]

Obsessions of March 23, 2010
  Kelly Bedard

My Theatre: My TV’s new sister site, My Theatre premiered recently with reviews of Toronto’s new hit My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding, a Conneticut Repertory Theatre Comedy of Errors and the national touring production of The Lion King. You’ll also find a link to Jude Law’s wonderful Hamlet-themed SNL monologue and a first-hand account […]