With the second season of my new favourite summer show, Drop Dead Diva, premiering Sunday on Lifetime, I thought I’d ask creator/showrunner Josh Berman what viewers have to look forward to this season. Here’s what he had to say:

“1. More surprises – As Jane thinks she’s got a handle on her new life, there are more surprises at every turn. I LOVE Brooke Elliott and she’s better than ever.

2. More fantastic guest stars: Ricki Lake, Vivica A. Fox, Nancy Grace, Chad Lowe, Cybill Shepard are just a few of them. And the return of Rosie and Paula.

3. More singing and dancing! In fact, the official Drop Dead Diva soundtrack is being released on Amazon and I-Tunes on June 1st! There’s an original song from Margaret Cho as well as a duet from Brooke Elliott and Margaret Cho, and an awesome rendition of “Baby, I Need Your Loving” by Ben Feldman. Speaking of Dancing, Thunder From Down Under does a dance number with Jane in a very special and funny episode.

4. Fred — Jane’s guardian angel is back full time — as a series regular!

5. Family drama – Both Jane’s mother and Deb’s mother return! And we get to meet Jane’s father for the first time.”

The just-released soundtrack is available on iTunes and through Amazon.com. It’s worth checking out just to hear the actors sing; (you may remember star Brooke Elliott’s superb voice from karaoke at Jane’s birthday party in one of my favourite episodes of season 1) .To order the CD online click here.

For more Drop Dead Diva coverage, here’s our exclusive interview with Josh.