This week more than made up for last week’s frustrating entry into the Drop Dead Diva canon. Tonight, fans were treated to a Deb who was finally happy being Jane- a major event that was not dwelled upon or undermined in any way.

We also got 2 clever, self-contained legal stories.

Fred had a lovely storyline that played on and aptly defied comedy conventions when introducing a gay character as a friend to a straight one. The story also marked the first time Fred has added something to his life as a human being that wasn’t directly connected to Jane. Now he has a friend, something that will at the very least bring him some grounding if not make him even more interesting.

Stacey played her part in a short but sweet story involving a scrapbook and a little breaking and entering.

The Parker-Kim romance that the show has cleverly but not subtly been hinting at for weeks finally kicked off at the end of this episode- it seems like a morally questionable issue for the partner/aspiring-partner duo but they are complimentary characters so I’m in favour of it.

Grayson stepped back into the picture this week after having been largely absent of late. He was charming, he was sweet, he gave Jane his signature look of “you’re the smartest woman I’ve ever met”, what more can you ask of the guy?

And, most heartbreakingly, my beloved Tony bid farewell after a short but excruciatingly sweet reconciliation with Jane. David Denman is on a new show this fall and TV rules do dictate that happy couples aren’t dramatically interesting (boo!), so I suppose he had to go. But it still hurts. Tony was perfect for Jane. And he was the sort of unexpected TV crush that doesn’t come around too often. He wasn’t Jim Halpert (oh! irony!), McSteamy or even Seth Cohen, he was a niche market, perfect for that one character, made me giggle kind of TV crush. And oh how I love those.

There was also karaoke, this show is really good at karaoke. So, after a wonderfully solid episode, I must conclude that Tony will be missed but Diva is back in fine form.