19 June 2009

Kelly Reviews Rachael’s Shows

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Each of us here at My TV has our specialties. For example, Lauren likes comedy so she mostly sticks to sitcom coverage. I watch pretty much everything from Big Brother …

16 May 2009

And Speaking of Joy…

By // TV

God, I hope I’m not jumping the gun on this, because being told the following and then having it taken away from me might be too much to bear, but… …


11 May 2009


By // TV

Emma Stone– She was the saving grace of the underwhelming Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, a highlight of The House Bunny and played one of the only relatable characters in Superbad. …

03 May 2009

Dollhouse: “Briar Rose”

By // TV

Please. Please. Please. Please. Don’t read this if somehow magically you don’t know the huge Dollhouse spoiler that involves Alpha. I’ve warned you. Here, I’ll warn you again. Don’t Read …

30 April 2009

The Genre War

By // TV

I am a serious fan of genre fiction. I say this to distinguish myself from people who like Lost despite the science fiction or enjoy Buffy while despising horror. It’s …

27 April 2009

Haunted: A Dollhouse Murder Mystery

By // TV

This week’s episode of Dollhouse, “Haunted,” went back to the beginning formula, with a self-contained monster of the week that felt a little as though it were holding off for …

20 April 2009

Dollhouse: Life Watch

By // TV

As a growing-more-and-more-devoted-by-the-week fan of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, I read almost religiously the ratings week after week. And they are, frankly, depressing. I still think it’s entirely FOX’s own fault, …

13 April 2009

A Spy In The House of Love

By // TV

Normally, I don’t read any other reviews before I start reviewing an episode of Dollhouse. When I go deep into metaphor and character analysis, I want the ideas to be …

04 April 2009

Dollhouse Event: Needs

By // TV

Last night’s Dollhouse was advertised by FOX as an “Event” and Whedon himself hyped it by saying that 6 and 8 were the real pinnacle of the beginning of the …

29 March 2009

They’re Not Just Experimenting with Animals

By // TV

Dollhouse this week was a much goofier affair than the week before’s revelation-o-rama. It was back to story of the week mode, with Sierra and Victor being sent to a …

26 March 2009

Welcome to the Real Dollhouse: Part 2

By // TV

This week’s episode of Dollhouse, titled “Man on the Street,” was a game changer episode. It was “Prophecy Girl” on Buffy, “Diversity Day” on the Office, “To Shanshu in LA” …

21 March 2009

Welcome to The Real Dollhouse

By // TV

Don’t have a lot of time (it’s Battlestar Gallactica night here at mi casa), but I needed to say: THIS WEEK’S DOLLHOUSE FRAKKING ROCKED. It had action, comedy, and truly …

19 March 2009

What’s New?

By // TV

With premiere time part 2 of the year getting under way, it’s about time that we here at My TV let you in on what we’re watching. *shows with an …

16 March 2009

Really, Really Close to being a “True Believer”

By // TV

I think I might officially like Dollhouse, not just because it’s a Joss Whedon show, or because it stars Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penniket, or even because I see potential …

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