God, I hope I’m not jumping the gun on this, because being told the following and then having it taken away from me might be too much to bear, but…


DOLLHOUSE IS RENEWED! That’s right, the terminally lowly-viewed, network-interfered, high-concept, twisty drama about what makes a human being is going to be back, boys and girls, to fill up your Friday night TIVO (actually, now that I type that, I hope not my Friday night TIVO. If Dollhouse is ever going to come out of the lowly-rated dulldrums then it needs a lead in like Fringe). Not only does this mean AWESOME for getting to see a conclusion to the Alpha storyline, Whiskey storyline, Ballard-in-the-house storyline, but it means that hopefully the show will get a chance to grow into what I know it can be. And it means I’m much more likely to post that final review.


The only “catch” according to Michael Aussielo is that Whedon agreed to a drastically reduced budget, but let’s be honest, Buffy was made on a shoestring, and despite the cheesy special effects, we came back for the interpersonal relationships, excellent dialogue, and absurdly engaging storytelling.


Anyway, here’s the source article: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/05/random-scooplet.html


We should know by the end of this week about all our favorite shows, and in the meantime Ausiello also has a list going of what each show’s chances are, but considering just four days ago he switched Dollhouse to a longshot, take them with a grain of salt.