09 February 2017

Season Wrap Up: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

By // TV

*spoilers throughout* The second season of Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh McKenna’s wacky, honest, fun, moving, groundbreaking, silly, progressive gem of a musical comedy moved fast. Really fast. Like, a full …

21 February 2016

Jump on the Crazy Ex Train

By // TV

This sweet and salty CW musical comedy is a little uneven and it took a few episodes for the characters and overall point of view to start to really come …

01 November 2015

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Episodes 2 & 3

By // TV

Episodes two and three of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend “Josh’s Girlfriend is Really Cool” and “I Hope Josh Comes To My Party!” were pretty funny. Obviously, from the titles, they were about …

12 October 2015

Pilot Watch: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

By // TV

I’m a big sucker for musicals, so I knew I had to check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I was wary going in, though. Would this be one big, predictable joke about …

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