Luu hlotitxw: Spirit Transformingby Dancers of Damelahamin and Lara Kramer’s NGS (Native Girl Syndrome) was a provocative pairing …

  Amy Strizic

Acclaimed icon and synonym for Canadian modern dance, Peggy Baker, lights up the Betty Oliphant stage yet again with her newest work, Phase Space. The concept for the piece is intriguing— looking at how memory belongs in space and time, and exploring the place of memory within the body. We have all heard the term […]

  Duncan Derry

Click Here for the Full List of our 2015 Toronto Fringe Reviews Big Love (A-) One of the graduating class of the Randolph Academy have produced this dynamically staged and well-acted play, and its aand appreciably ambitious work. Like the HBO show with which it shares its name, Big Love focuses on a group of […]

  Marty Chodorek

Click Here for the Full List of our 2015 Toronto Fringe Reviews SwordPlay: A Play of Swords (A) It doesn’t get any better than this, folks. Sex T-Rex hit the ball out of the park with this absolute triumph. It’s part video game homage, part Princess Bride, part Game of Thrones and has generous sprinklings […]

  Duncan Derry

Click Here for the Full List of our 2015 Toronto Fringe Reviews Urban Legends (A-) In the last 24 hours I have inadvertently sat through four consecutive dance shows at the Fringe. While not exactly the way I would have arranged things had I realized just what it was I was scheduling, it hasn’t been […]

  Kymberley Feltham

Umnikelo (Offering)
The opening night of Luyanda Sidiya’s double-bill performances of Umnikelo and Dominion was dedicated to putting an end to xenophobic violence…

  Thea Fitz-James

It’s hard to know where to start in discussing vox:lumen, which opened at the Harbourfront Center’s World Stage last week. Do we being by talking about the show itself: a dance in the dark that made light a player on stage with dancers lighting each other and themselves from a variety of sources, including flashlights. […]

A Side of Dreams is a beautiful view into Metis cultural traditions of generational and ancestral healing. The evening begins with a wondrous and effective projection of a spider beginning to spin a web, through a suspended aerial hoop. The initial image and soundscape prepare the audience for the intimate and thoughtful performance to come. […]

  Kelly Bedard

Read Thea’s Reviews and Lorenzo’s Reviews of the NSTF. Graham Clark Reads the Phonebook I loved comedian Graham Clark’s solo show at last summer’s Fringe Festival. So did everyone else, including Fringe head honcho Lucy Eveleigh. So Lucy invited him back for the Next Stage Festival. This, in theory, makes sense (especially considering they have […]

  Nick Christophers

As many of us know the origin of theatre was in ancient Greece and since then it has evolved more than even the forefathers thought it would. One pure example is the dance company Echodrama based in Athens. The company takes their audience on a musical trip that covers many cultural nuances. Their performances are […]

  Marty Chodorek

When All Is Said & Get Served (A) A highly contrasting pair of pieces choreographed by Winnipeg’s Alexandra Elliott, When All Is Said and Get Served share an hour on the stage of The Al Green Theatre and should complement the average Fringe-goer’s verbally abundant festival experience with some virtuosic physical performance. When All Is Said […]

  Thea Fitz-James

“What I love about dogs,” Denise Clarke mummers as she begins imitating a dog’s slow building tail-wag, “is that they can’t hide their emotions.” Despite the audience’s noticeable lack of tails, we all had trouble hiding our gleeful experience of wag, which opened this past Thursday as part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival in […]