01 October 2019

Let Chicago Fire Make You Cry

By // TV

I’m a cryer. I cry easily and a lot, triggered by all sorts of things from nostalgia to empathy to heartbreak. It can be difficult to explain to people what …

19 January 2016

Chicago Fire Season 4

By // TV

Halfway through the forth season of Chicago Fire I find myself wondering what I’m missing. Where did the Gabby baby storyline go? Why is Chili being a raging bitch? I’d …

12 March 2015

My TV Award Nominee: Q&A w/ Monica Raymund

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2014 My TV Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. The ten-person main cast of NBC’s most addictive drama Chicago Fire is, …

05 November 2014

Chicago’s First Responders

By // TV

It’s nearly impossible to watch Chicago Fire or Chicago PD without also following the other. The two NBC action-dramas from super-producer Dick Wolf are linked so closely that to use …

09 April 2014

Chicago Fire Shocker

By // TV

I look forward to watching Chicago Fire every week, and when it’s not on I’m sad about having a little less ChiFi in my life. I always know I am …

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