27 August 2016

Camden Fringe ’16: Part III

By // Theatre (London)

Runts School can be rough, but one can hope it’s never as rough as it is in Runts. Set in an English state school, it tells the story of a class …

09 August 2016

Camden Fringe ’16: Part II

By // Theatre (London)

Quiche Dinner parties rarely go as planned onstage. Quiche tells the story of John and Jenny who are having Jo and Jake over for a quiet night in. But John has other …

06 August 2016

Camden Fringe ’16: Part I

By // Theatre (London)

Ya’akobi and Leidental  It starts out light, but ends on a rather depressing note. Ya’akobi, played by Daryl Green, is sick and tired of living a quaint life with his …

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