Kelly Bedard

The Oscars are this Sunday and are sure to be full of political fireworks and upset victories (or maybe predictable landslides, we’ll see). In anticipation of the 89th Academy Awards, I decided a preview podcast was in order. None of our staff writers have seen the full slate of films this year so I found […]

First and foremost, I must say I am happy with all of the Breaking Bad wins, that show deserved every trophy it won tonight, but more on that later. Let’s start with the host, poor Seth he tried, he started out with some great zingers about cable television and Netflix being the most nominated shows, […]

  Kevin Dillon

Kathy Griffin was the perfect person to host a streaming award show!  First and foremost Kathy started out Sunday night by making fun of last years show on HLN, especially the people at her table, and the hosts.  Kathy first starts to talk trash about Bethany Frankel who didn’t want to be at last year’s […]