This may have been my favorite episode of the show. Granted, it’s only the 2nd airing of The Night Of, and granted, John Turturro steals the show every chance he can get, and granted, this episode moves the point of view back and forth faster than a shuttlecock, but it’s still my favorite. Let’s not […]

  Vyasar Ganesan

In the long and decorated history of the procedural crime drama, there have been shows, movies and series which go far and beyond the standard pale. In our recent era, Law and Order reigns supreme in terms of broadcast history, the first season of True Detective ranks as most ethereally horrifying, and Twin Peaks probably […]

  Zach Drummer

If television shows and video games could be paired in the same manner that cheese and wines can be paired – and who even said that’s a thing – I’m fairly certain that I stumbled into an apex pairing of these two disparate entertainment forms. It would seem that True Detective goes quite nicely with […]