13 October 2018

What if Romeo and Juliet…

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Directed by Jackie Gosselin, this DynamO Théâtre production takes well-known and well-loved work, turns it a little bit on its head, and sets it back down for a younger audience. …

28 May 2017

Flip Fabrique’s Catch Me at the Underbelly Festival

By // Theatre (London)

As the festivities on London’s South Bank get under way the big purple tent opens its bovine-adorned folds up to a fitting act of spectacle and astonishment. Catch Me (or …

20 April 2017

It’s Not Yet Midnight at the Roundhouse

By // Theatre (London)

There are times when it can be refreshing to step away from the theatrical realm and explore other forms of artistic expression. It’s Not Yet Midnight has no story, little cohesion …

09 March 2017

Cirkopolis: Fanciful Dystopia

By // Theatre (Toronto)

When the curtain rises, the stage is a blur of muted greys, of bland beiges. Bodies trundle to and fro with shuffling urgency to a discordant jumble of notes – …

12 November 2016

7 Fingers: Cuisine & Confessions

By // Theatre (Toronto)

For those in the contemporary circus scene, The 7 Fingers company (or Les 7 Doigts de le Main) hardly needs introduction. This modern Montreal-based company never lets an audience down, …

14 November 2014

Contemporary Circus Show Opus Impresses

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Australian acrobatic company Circa has livened CanStage with a refreshingly new and desperately needed contemporary circus show. Opus is 75 non-stop minutes of circus feats, but also shows the audience …

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