13 October 2018

Krapp’s Last Tape Remounted

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The production of Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, performed at the Theatre Passe Muraille, is truly a wonder. A perfect stage for a one-man play, actor Bob Nasmith shines. Like …

20 November 2013

All That Fall, Fall Asleep

By // Theatre (New York)

The secret to successful entertainment in any form is conceptually simple: know your audience. I suspect that the producers of Samuel Beckett’s All That Fall at 59E59 Theatre had an …

11 October 2013

Brian’s “Must See” Boston Theatre: October

By // Theatre (Boston)

We’re in October, and while our list is relatively short, we have some gems on our calendar. We’re noticing a lack of fringe theatre; are we just ignorantly unaware of …

23 February 2013

On Stage in Toronto: Theatrical Spinoffs

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Two of the best productions currently running on Toronto stages share the unique bond of being ballsy enough to tell a beloved play’s story from a different angle. A practice …

12 April 2012

One-Acts at Tarragon and Buddies

By // Theatre

Sometimes a one-act play can be brilliant in its low-frills simplicity (great one-man shows like Modern Love, Bursting into Flames and Ellamentary are like that). Sometimes their shortened length allows …

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