13 July 2018

Live at TSC: Homeland‘s Chip Johannessen

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The Toronto Screenwriting Conference (TSC) is a yearly event that brings together professional screenwriters from across Canada and the US for a weekend of networking, workshops and lectures covering topics …

01 October 2013

DVD Update: Farewell to the 09’ers

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First Published: May 14, 2013 The past year or so has seen the end of a ton of long-running shows I watched faithfully. Starting last January with the end of …

23 March 2011

Obsessions of Right Now

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Josh Zuckerman on 90210 Naomi, hilariously, may not have been able to reconcile having a crush on sweet science nerd Max right away, but I’ve loved the actor who plays …


30 June 2010

Fat Shows, the biggest problem since Skinny Shows

By // TV

This week was the premiere of a new ABC family show called Huge. It’s basically an hour each week in which rebellious Will (you know she’s a rebel because she’s …


24 March 2010

Obsessions of March 23, 2010

By // TV

My Theatre: My TV’s new sister site, My Theatre premiered recently with reviews of Toronto’s new hit My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding, a Conneticut Repertory Theatre Comedy of Errors …


04 December 2009

The Battle of the Naomis

By // TV

I recently caught up on two trashy TV shows: Private Practice and 90210. Both have me hooked so I watch every episode, despite bad writing and outrageous plotting. But while …

17 September 2009

A New 90210

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It’s obvious that 90210 has had a complete makeover: The credits are new (and much improved); the high school students look more like high school students (with the exception of …

28 August 2009

Happy Casting News

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Gilmore Girls/Samantha Who comedy queen Melissa McCarthy is joining Kelsey Grammar on Hank this fall. That there is enough of a reason to watch (even if there’s no love lost …

04 June 2009

Season Wrap Up: 90210

By // TV

The spinoff’s inaugural season was so unbalanced, so ridiculous and so annoyingly typical that I can barely believe that I watch it. That said, the new 90210boasts a few characters …

02 April 2009


By // TV

If you sat through this week’s episode of 90210, you now understand the definition of “ridiculous”. 90210already has trouble with believability; the main characters on this show are in high …

26 February 2009

My Current (and shameful) Obsession

By // TV

I have no reasonable explanation for this but I’ve recently taken to watching incredibly bad TV shows on a regular basis. It started with Big Brother and One Tree Hill. …

20 February 2009


By // TV

What I love this week…. Maria Schneider. Big Band is back people! Slings & Arrows Season 2. Particularly the Romeo & Juliet stuff. Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck. Proving week after …

17 January 2009

Taking Another Look

By // TV

If I’ve learned anything from my experiences with The OC, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Chuck, it’s that sometimes a show that you think you’ll never be into can turn into …


25 October 2008

On the Big Screen

By // TV

This weekend I went to see The Secret Life of Bees, which was full of wonderful surprises. Yes, Dakota Fanning’s talent did survive puberty. No, apparently singer/actors are not always …

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