Mike Shara

GAME 80 7-1 Loss vs. Boston Season Record: 37-43 I was going to begin my list of the 10 worst draft picks in Blue Jays history today, but I think that combining that depressing list of terrible decisions with yet another depressing chronicle of a game in which Toronto never even truthfully competed in would […]

GAME 79 7-4 Loss vs. Boston Season Record: 37-42 Before discussing the depressing inevitability of tonight’s game’s outcome, we’ll focus on the pleasant improbability of late round draft picks who went on to become MLB stars. The top two draft pick steals in Toronto Blue Jays history: 2. DAVE STIEB – 5th round, 1978 (106th […]

GAME 78 4-0 Win vs. Baltimore Season Record: 37-40 We continue out list of the Top Ten draft pics in Blue Jays history tonight with numbers 7 through 5. 7. JOHN OLERUD – third round, 1989 (79th overall) A pitcher and first baseman at Washington State University, “Johnny O” was named the 1988 Baseball America […]

GAME 76 3-1 Loss vs. Baltimore Season Record: 36-40 Tonight begins my list of the best draft picks in Toronto Blue Jays history. For the four of you who haven’t now begun to immediately scroll down the page or go back to liking cat videos on Facebook, let me explain my criteria for this list. […]

GAME 72 11-4 Loss at Texas Season Record: 35-37 What can you say about a team that consistently loses games when they are favoured to win? What do you write about a team whose only serious winning stretch came when it was missing its most expensive players? How is it even possible to lose 9 […]

GAME 71 7-5 Win at Texas Season Record: 35-36 While I realize that many Canadians live and work throughout the United States, summoned south of the 49th parallel by work opportunities or by a relationship or by the chance to live close to an In’n’Out Burger, but I’m still amazed at how many folks show […]

GAME 69 7-6 Win at Texas Season Record: 34-35 Going to play a four game series in Texas feels less charged than it did last year. Despite the fact that no one other than the players seems to want to forget the Odor/Bautista punch-up, both of these underachieving teams need wins more than they need […]

GAME 64 8-1 Loss vs. Tampa Season Record: 31-33 Before begrudgingly discussing tonight’s fairly troubling outcome, we continue our list of the best seasons by starting pitchers in Toronto Blue Jays history with numbers 9, 8 and 7. 9. DAVE STIEB – 1983 – The fourth of six consecutive well above average seasons before wear […]

GAME 63 4-0 Win at Seattle Season Record: 31-32 Firstly, our continuing countdown of the finest seasons by starting pitchers in Blue Jays history. Today we’ll look at numbers 12 to 10. 12. RICKY ROMERO (2011) It looked like things were all coming together for the young lefty to embark on a great career in […]

GAME 59 4-1 Loss at Oakland Season Record: 28-31 After enduring a humiliating, franchise record streak of 34 consecutive hitless at-bats with runners in scoring position, did the Blue Jays finally break it with a ringing double off the wall to score a pair of runs?  A no-doubter three run home run? No. They broke […]

GAME 56 7-0 Loss vs. NYYankees Season Record: 27-29 As a complement to last month’s completely ramshackle list of the Top 25 offensive seasons in Blue Jays history, today I will begin a list of the Top 25 pitching seasons in Toronto’s history. I have arbitrarily decided to split the seasons up into relievers and […]

GAME 52 6-4 Win vs. Cincinnati Season Record 25-27 The Toronto Blue Jays are finding their feet. They are starting to play like the team that I expected them to be before the season. They are hitting home runs, playing better defence and the bullpen appears to have righted the ship after a shaky beginning […]

GAME 50 3-1 Loss vs. Texas Season Record 23-27 The 50th game of the season is often used as an arbitrary yard marker for teams, a spot on the schedule marked by both by the fans and by their General Managers as a time to evaluate where their team is currently sitting and what to […]

GAME 49 3-1 Win vs. Texas Season Record: 23-26 Yesterday the Rangers had an advantage in starting pitching and the Blue Jays won anyway. Today, both teams each had their best starters going and despite sitting Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson, the Blue Jays won anyway. Tomorrow it’s Joe Biagini vs. Andrew Cashner so I […]

GAME 48 7-6 Win vs. Texas Season Record: 22-26 Well, they don’t ask how, they only ask how many. Despite doing everything they could to give this game to the Rangers, the Blue Jays managed to win tonight, ultimately making Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson’s return to the lineup a happy night at the ballpark. […]

GAME 47 8-4 Win at Milwaukee Season Record: 21-26 Any time you can complete a visit to an opponent’s park without losing a game, it’s a good thing. Any time you can complete a road trip with a winning record, it’s a positive. Any time you can get a game-sealing, no-doubter of a grand slam […]

GAME 46 4-3 Win at Milwaukee Season Record: 20-26 Last week I had the pleasure of seeing a game at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. It is beautiful architecturally and perfectly located, surrounded by bars and restaurants as well as a beautiful river walk. It feels like it was created with fans in mind. It is exactly […]

GAME 43 5-3 Loss at Baltimore in 10 innings Season Record: 18-25 Well, what would a visit to Baltimore be without the Blue Jays wasting a bunch of early chances, blowing a lead, giving up multiple home runs and then shitting the bed in extra innings to lose a game they could have won three […]

GAME 42 9-0 Win at Atlanta Season Record: 18-24 Well, the team nobody likes today had their easiest win of the year tonight. After about the fifth inning, I started to flip between the game and a sweet Seinfeld repeat on Peachtree TV – the mail fraud one. “Jerry, these big companies, they write everything […]

GAME 41 8-4 Loss at Atlanta Season Record: 17-24 I leave town for 48 hours and the entire operation falls apart… After being bludgeoned by one of the worst offences in the major leagues for the last two games in their home park, the Blue Jays’ pitchers again turned the ’17 Braves into the ’76 […]

GAME 38 3-2 Win vs. Seattle Season Record: 17-21 Today’s entry will be pretty short. It was Mother’s Day and I had a lot to do. If you’d like more reading, feel free to go back to my list of Top 25 Offensive seasons from earlier this week and re-organize it so there’s actually just […]

GAME 35 7-2 Win vs. Seattle Season Record: 14-21 Due to an underwhelming demand, tonight I’m continuing with my biased list of the top 25 offensive seasons in Toronto Blue Jays history. Just to clarify, this is not a list of the most offensive seasons in team history. That would be an entirely different list […]

GAME 33 6-0 Loss vs. Cleveland Season Record: 12-21 As I began to do last night, tonight I will continue my list of the top 25 offensive seasons in Blue Jays history. Today we look at numbers 20-16. I’ve probably already screwed up the order, but, hey, it beats talking about tonight’s game, right? 20. […]

GAME 31 2-1 Win at Tampa Season Record: 11-20 Joe Biagini’s ascension into the Blue Jays…

GAME 29 8-4 Win at Tampa Season Record: 10-19 As we all know, the Toronto Blue Jays have suffered a number of tough injuries this season. They have lost two above average starting pitchers and two key cogs in their lineup. Those injuries have unquestionably contributed to their struggles so far this season, but I […]

GAME 25 3-1 Win vs. Tampa Bay Season Record: 8-17 In approximately 280 B.C.E., just before the Blue Jays won their most recent World Series, the Egyptian King Pyrrhus defeated the Roman army at Asculum, but so many of his troops were killed that he was unable to achieve his ultimate goal of attacking Rome […]