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07 July 2017

In the Name of Canadians‘ Vivian Belik & Aisha Jamal

By // Cinema

This year marks the 150 Centennial of the colonial founding of Canada and if you are like me, this year you may feel very uneasy about celebrating the occupation of …

22 June 2017

Exclusive Interview: Filmmaker Alex Fegan

By // Cinema

This year marks the first year of the Syracuse Contemporary Irish Film Festival, and closing out the festival is a charming and moving film by Alex Fegan called, Older than …

21 June 2017

Syracuse Contemporary Irish Film Festival

By // Cinema

Being a producer is tough. I know this from my experience self-producing my solo shows across the fringe theatre festival circuit in Canada. It’s a grind, it’s necessary for your …

10 May 2017

HotDocs ’17 in Review

By // Cinema

This year’s International HotDocs Festival in Toronto, is made up of eclectic array of documentaries divided into different categories. Part of the collection this year is an emphasis on the …

04 May 2017

Hot Docs Interview: Charles Wilkinson

By // Cinema

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, however it’s nearly impossible for people to buy property due to the high housing prices. Charles Wilkinson’s documentary Vancouver: No …

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