08 July 2018

Live at ATX: Younger‘s Nico Tortorella

By // TV

Nico Tortorella is the resident hot guy on TVLand’s winning comedy Younger. He’s cool, he’s charming, his character Josh owns a tattoo parlour called “Inkburg” and spends most of his …

07 July 2018

ATX, Season 7: Inside the Younger Press Room

By // TV

Press Rooms aren’t as big a part of the ATX Television Festival as they are, say, San Diego Comic-Con. I did a fair number of 1:1 interviews with people who …

09 September 2015

Gen X on Millenials: Younger & Happyish

By // TV

Two shows hit TV this year that had a lot to say about Millenials. Both of these shows have creators and lead characters who reside firmly in Generation X, they …

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