30 May 2019

RISER, 2019: AVO Collective’s 11:11

By // Theatre (Toronto)

I have been thinking about AVO Collective’s 11:11 for the last couple of days. I have been thinking about the openness and fearlessness that Samson Bonkeabantu Brown demonstrates in both his …

14 January 2019

After the Fire, a Fort MacMurray story

By // Theatre (Toronto)

After the Fire, the latest offering from indigenous playwright Matthew MacKenzie, is a powerfully dramatic yet darkly comedic take on the aftermath of Canada’s costliest natural disaster, the wildfires that …

01 November 2018

Hannah Moscovitch & Maev Beaty’s Secret Life

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Secret Life of a Mother at the Theatre Centre is a stunning exploration of the raw, invisible, and gritty realities of two women’s experiences of parenthood. Created by Hannah Moscovitch, …

02 May 2018

40 Days and 40 Nights

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Love is a daunting theme on which to base any kind of project, not least because it’s been written about for thousands of years, and any attempt to say something …

24 January 2018

Bears at the Theatre Centre

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Theatre Centre has started 2018 off with a bang. Bears, the newest creation by Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts and Punctuate! Theatre, is everything you could hope for in a …

18 January 2017

Jess Dobkin’s Magic Hour

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Magic Hour, created and performed by Jess Dobkin, is nothing less than pure delight from beginning to end. The audience is ushered into the upstairs lobby, where we are …

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