28 June 2013

Comedy Central News (with John Oliver?)

By // TV

Last week, Stephen Colbert came back on the air after a one week hiatus and spent the first five minutes of his show in uncharacteristically honest form. With the exception …

03 April 2013

Pilot Watch: Newsreaders

By // TV

For the past three years, the Adult Swim network has quietly been creating a new model of broadcast television.  They produce parody sitcoms with a limited run time and next …

31 October 2010

The Rally To Restore Sanity

By // TV

It’s saying something that I considered briefly whether this even qualified as a MY TV story. After all, the Rally to Restore Sanity was an off-shoot of The Daily Show …

09 June 2009

The Colbert Report In Iraq

By // TV

I don’t often report on The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. There’s only so many times a gal can blog: tonight Jon Stewart was witty and Stephen Colbert was …

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