Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Reporters in the San Diego Comic-Con press room got to sit down with the cast and writers of the longest running show on The CW. Supernatural‘s been on the air so long, it’s actually the only remaining survivor who made the jump […]

  Ann Fitzhenry

In her young adult novel, Haunting Violet, Alyxandra Harvey takes us on a journey to Britain in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It is a world full of rules and rigid roles, but one where a fascination with the supernatural is common. Young Violet Willoughby’s mother is a “Spiritualist Medium”, and enlists her […]

Supernatural Watching (part four)
  Rachael Nisenkier

Despite the fact that there technically exists another season of the show, the end of season five of Supernatural certainly feels like The End. And that’s as it should be. When showrunner/creator Eric Kripke first started writing the tale of two brothers fighting the forces of darkness, he mapped out the first five seasons of […]

Supernatural Watching (part three)
  Rachael Nisenkier

 Don’t you love it when a show you already love basically sends you a love letter right back? The fifth season of Supernatural has had two majorly fantastic episodes that feel just like that. I wouldn’t go so far as to call them Supernatural’s “Once More With Feeling” (the famous Buffymusical episode, for the uninitiated), […]

Supernatural Watching (part two)
  Rachael Nisenkier

I’ve been trying to think of a way to explain the way that Supernatural changes in season 4. I’ve already explained in detail the appeal that the show has to me, but there’s been a profound change in the show’s fourth season that has somehow fundamentally altered my opinion of the show. That’s pretty neutral […]

Cute Boys+Banter+Good Genre Writing= A Perfect Summer TV Cocktail

Ahh summer time. A time to lounge around a glistening pool, soaking up rays, swimming laps, drinking margaritas. Oh wait, no. I’m a pale-skinned nerd whose entire epidermis turns lobster red the moment I step outside. Summer is a time where I find myself drawn to the DVD player way more than I am to […]