22 July 2015

StageWorks’ Cabaret

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Every year, StageWorks Toronto takes some sort of step forward in the quality of their musical production. In 2013, they tackled one of the most difficult scores ever written; 2014 …

01 August 2014

Murderers Do It Better: StageWorks’ Assassins

By // Theatre (Toronto)

StageWorks Toronto is an incredibly ambitious company, especially when you consider that they’re really a community theatre organization (mixing new theatre grads with part-time performers, I’m pretty sure all un-paid). …

14 August 2013

StageWorks Toronto does Jason Robert Brown’s Parade

By // Theatre (Toronto)

In my opinion, Parade, as a text, is a grand achievement in musical theatre. The fact that it is only Jason Robert Brown’s second (arguably third) best work is therefore astounding …

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