Alisha Maclean

Part cabaret, part musical, Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is a rowdy sci-fi romp — reminiscent of what a lovechild between Rocky Horror Picture Show and Barbarella would look like. Having been reproduced in both the US and in the UK, this Toronto iteration by Small but Mighty Productions serves it well, though the […]

  Chelsea Dinsmore

In Small but Mighty Productions’ eighties-inspired musical cabaret, six criminal misfits with superhuman abilities are sent to Villains Boot Camp, a secret project that aims to reform criminals and make them productive members of society. Isolated on an unknown island, they’re fed on a strict diet of healthy smoothies and forced to adhere to a […]

  Lisa McKeown

This Small But Mighty Productions musical murder mystery opens with Derek and his 6 lovers – five women and one man – gathered together in his secluded suburban home. They are there by invitation, but no one knows from whom. Derek is attempting to explain himself when he collapses and dies. Two cops arrive and […]