30 June 2016

Exclusive Interview: Scandal‘s Artemis Pebdani

By // TV

Back in March, the great and wildly underrated Artemis Pebdani won the MyTV Award for Outstanding Guest Actress for her role as refreshingly un-corruptible politician Susan Ross on Scandal. With …

29 September 2015

Scandal: To Divorce or Not to Divorce

By // TV

It took me a while to get into “Heavy is the Head”, the premiere episode of Scandal’s season 5. In all honesty, I should have re-watched season 4’s finale but …

30 October 2013

Notes on Scandal

By // TV

When I learned that no one on the My Entertainment World staff was offering periodical write ups on the intrigue and messiness that is ABC’s Scandal, I thought, “well this …

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