04 July 2016

Must-Hear Single: Simcoe’s “London”

By // Music

In search of your next favourite summer jam? The ever-vibrant #IndieTO scene, of course, has you covered. We recommend the latest single from indie rock upstarts Simcoe, available now on Soundcloud…

03 November 2014

See This: Snowpiercer

By // Cinema

I was skeptical, at first, about this dystopian Noah’s Ark adapted from a French graphic novel and starring Captain America (forgive the unfairly depreciative evocation; I’ve always liked Chris Evans …

07 October 2014

See This: The One I Love

By // Cinema

This is a Cabin in the Woods-type movie. I don’t mean a riveting and inventive take on the horror genre (though it is, in some ways, that too; sort of), …

17 April 2014

From Our Staff: In the Interim

By // TV

We love our staff, but we love them entirely conditionally. Perhaps said condition should be that they hand in their stories on time and don’t give us any attitude (that …

15 February 2014

Must Watch Episode: Tomorrow’s Shameless

By // TV

I’ve been saying for years that Shameless is one of the best series currently on TV. And that stars Emmy Rossum and Jeremy Allen White, in particular, are doing can’t-miss …

07 December 2013

Brian’s “Must See” Boston Theatre – DECEMBER

By // Theatre (Boston)

So, I missed November. We had some amazing works hit our Boston and Greater Boston stages. I apologize for missing so many of them, and I heard wonderful things, especially …

08 October 2013

Kickstart This: Ava Snow Battles Death

By // TV

It’s always awesome when you stumble upon something cool made by people who just really like the same nerdy shit you do. Such is the case with Ava Snow Battles …

22 September 2013

On Stage in Toronto: Independent Modern Drama

By // Theatre (Toronto)

With the crazy summer theatre season finally coming to a close, many of Toronto’s smaller companies are taking the lull in big-ticket fare to kick off their seasons with intimate, …

24 June 2013

Netflix Therapy

By // TV

AKA “Oh Crap, I’ve Finished Arrested Development… and It’s The Summer” Hey guys, remember how excited you were when you found out that just as your current favorite TV comedies …

21 June 2013

We Recommend: A Pride Fundraiser

By // Theatre

This fundraiser performance in support of The HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario– happening tomorrow night at the great Flying Beaver Pubaret– is the perfect Pride Week event if you’re looking …

16 January 2013

My Theatre Recommends: Plaza Suite

By // Theatre

Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite will be The Calliope Project’s premier show as an independent group. The three act comedy mixes dark and light humor to portray three families staying the …

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