25 October 2015

Casual, a little bit Brutal

By // TV

Most of my favourite television shows are a little bit brutal. Not really brutal like The Americans or Daredevil, that sort of long-slog, pitch-dark, blood-bathed stuff. Just a little bit …

22 October 2015

Pilot Watch (+2): Benders

By // TV

IFC’s latest comedy Benders is about grown men who are obsessed with their division eight hockey league. Three episodes in, the bro-ish series from Tom Sellitti and Jim Serpico (both …

18 September 2013

‘FOX Needs Men!’ (Says Tuesday) / Pilot Watch: Dads

By // TV

It all started with New Girl. Well, actually it started a year earlier when FOX decided to pair the massive hit/obnoxious trainwreck Glee with two new sitcoms, one of which …

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