19 June 2017

On Stage in TO: Clowning Around

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Blind Date (Tarragon Theatre) I’ve already reviewed this wonderful improvised clown show and its creator Rebecca Northan won the 2015 MyTheatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance for her work alongside …

06 April 2017

Nominee Interview Series: Kat Sandler

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Before we announce the winners of the 2016 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Theatre Brouhaha Artistic Director Kat Sandler wrote three different plays that are nominated for …

03 August 2016

Looking Into Bright Lights

By // Theatre (Toronto)

This year’s Toronto Fringe Festival was lauded as one of the best in recent memory. There were dozens of good shows and more than a couple great ones. Favourites like …

24 May 2015

On Stage in TO: White Makeup

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The use of white makeup as a base for exaggerated features has become a fairly standard practice in productions with a sense of heightened reality. This month in Toronto there …

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