24 December 2014

TV on DVD: Paramount in November & December

By // TV

It’s time, once again, for the┬áTV on DVD series featuring new releases from Paramount (not technically limited to TV): Hercules Because the world Definitely needed a version of Hercules starring …

10 February 2014

Laverne & Shirley on DVD, via Hollywood

By // TV

The 7th season of Laverne & Shirley (just released on DVD) is at once a perfect encapsulation of the series as it stands in TV history and a complete anomaly. …

01 February 2014

A Newbie’s Guide to Joanie Loves Chachi

By // TV

I’m too young for this. The Garry Marshall property I grew up with was Runaway Bride (and, later, The Princess Diaries) so you’ll excuse me if I have no idea …

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