Caroline Schurman-Grenier

We all have bad experiences with teachers; some are worse than others. Jam tells the story of a history teacher named Bella (Jasmine Hyde) who, haunted by a rough past with an old student, has moved towns in an attempt to start a new life. Ten years later, Kane (Harry Melling) visits her classroom in […]

A fairly unremarkable production that feels too much like an educational show for schools at times and doesn’t deliver quite enough quality to justify its worth, despite its experienced and overall able cast. The story of George Holyoake, the last Brit to be convicted and imprisoned for blasphemy, is one that certainly peaks interest, but […]

  Oliver Simmonds

Daniel Foxsmith’s new play gives up plot in the pursuit of character relationships, and unfortunately the two are more connected than one would like to think. Weald, presented by Snuff Box Theatre, simultaneously generates decent insights into a forgotten lifestyle while having little to make of narrative tension. The two-hander concerns Jim, a mid-twenties runaway […]