Vyasar Ganesan

There is a tent set up in Brooklyn, in an empty lot between the water and downtown. It is accessible only by rusty chain-link gates, guarded by men in black shirts with plastic wires coming out of their ears. We arrive in a bus with poor legroom, packed with close to a hundred Indians, Palestinians, […]

  Brock Swinson

Chuck Klosterman is a genius in ways that do not really matter—like how your high school buddies know where every linebacker went to college, which has little to do with their current employment at Tastee Freez. Unlike your old friends, however, Klosterman has earned a soapbox to shout from. As a writer for the likes […]

  Kelly Bedard

The stage adaptation of David Sedaris’ first person account of elf life at Macy’s is as smartly sarcastic and belly-shakingly funny as you’d expect from the famous essayist, but what struck me most is how not-so-dark the heart of his dark comedy is. I would even go all the way to sweet. Insofar as a […]