29 May 2017

Fall 2017 Network Television Previews, Ranked

By // TV

The five major broadcast television networks arranged in a list in order of how appealing the previews for their new fall shows are, overall… LEAST: NBC NBC has historically been …

30 December 2016

Twitter Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of Beauty & the Beast (The Final Season)

By // TV

To celebrate the DVD release of the final season of The CW’s under-the-radar fairytale mystery Beauty & the Beast…

08 October 2014

Reign: The Plague

By // TV

I have to admit Reign is my biggest guilty pleasure. I absolutely love this show. I don’t care at all about historical accuracy. There’s just enough CW drama and romance …

07 October 2014

Pilot Watch: The Flash

By // TV

Welcome to the DC/CW game Barry Allen. For the last two years Arrow has paved the way for bringing a successful small screen adaptation of a super hero. Sure the …

17 September 2014

ANTM: The Wicked Witch is Dead

By // TV

Cylce 21 of ANTM is continuing its streak of simultaneously enraging and entertaining. This season’s two major villains played center stage in Monday’s episode: Mirjana and Romeo. Both have proven …

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