The five major broadcast television networks arranged in a list in order of how appealing the previews for their new fall shows are, overall… LEAST: NBC NBC has historically been my favorite of the broadcast networks. Not only were they the home of The West Wing, E.R., Cheers, Friends, Frasier, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, […]

To celebrate the DVD release of the final season of The CW’s under-the-radar fairytale mystery Beauty & the Beast…

  Robin Lempel

I have to admit Reign is my biggest guilty pleasure. I absolutely love this show. I don’t care at all about historical accuracy. There’s just enough CW drama and romance to keep me hooked, but there are also some really strong characters in the show. And the first season had some great plot twists. It’s […]

  Kevin Dillon

Welcome to the DC/CW game Barry Allen. For the last two years Arrow has paved the way for bringing a successful small screen adaptation of a super hero. Sure the WB/CW had Smallville, and it was entertaining, but in this new universe creator Greg Berlanti balances the human nature, and the team behind these shows […]

  Tim Collins

Cylce 21 of ANTM is continuing its streak of simultaneously enraging and entertaining. This season’s two major villains played center stage in Monday’s episode: Mirjana and Romeo. Both have proven to be the most overly dramatic of the bunch. Mirjana has a boyfriend at home but previously flirted with Matthew until they had a bit […]