Joe Longpre

Nothing about raising young children is simple or straightforward, especially those small things that should be. School lunches must be void of any and all nuts, screen time must be limited (forty-three-point-five minutes per day, according to recent studies), and junior hockey practice starts alternately at 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, twice a week. And […]

  Kelly Bedard

San Diego Comic-Con is known for so much more than comics. As we toured the crowded, expansive floor, we came across tons of great booths dedicated to books and other nerdy art forms. On the main floor, we talked to publishing juggernaut HarperCollins about what titles they’d brought to the con. Then we hit up […]

  Borah Coburn

Okay, so I know I haven’t really reviewed that many kids books here before, but I get asked (by relatives, by children, by parents of children) for recommendations for kid’s books ALL THE TIME!!! And I mean, I will not tell a lie, I ADORE telling people what to read—you know, sharing books that I […]

  Borah Coburn

Wildwood is a children’s book written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by Carson Ellis. Let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns. Duh): I adore this book. It’s fun, engaging, whimsical, action-packed, imaginative, well-written, and (perhaps best of all) it’s a children’s book that uses big, beautiful words and deftly grapples with complicated and […]