… he did not live Happily Ever After.

*This entire article is spoilers. Be forewarned if you haven’t yet seen Once Upon a Time, Buffy, Angel, Lost, The Sopranos or MASH*

  Kelly Bedard

In the first interview of our 2009 “My TV Nominee Series”, I had the amazing opportunity to speak one on one with one of My TV’s favourite actresses. The lovely and talented Ms. Amy Acker (of Angel and Alias fame) was gracious enough to take a few minutes of her time to talk about her […]

Must Say More: Obsessions 2.0
  Kelly Bedard

Brian Williams is the funniest guy that most people assume isn’t funny. He tells Jon Stewart that he looked up to Walter Cronkite like Jon looked up to Carrot Top. The Hangover unexpectedly stands up to a second viewing- who knew I would love this movie? Not me, that’s for sure. But my love of […]

  Kelly Bedard

Emma Stone– She was the saving grace of the underwhelming Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, a highlight of The House Bunny and played one of the only relatable characters in Superbad. The girl is a serious talent and she’s here to stay. Dubbed Disney- the mad editing skills of “Fantachan” make the Random Disney Crap YouTube […]

I do. In fact, all the stars of He’s Just Not That Into You are hilarious, and many of them are TV icons. There’s, of course, Jennifer Aniston, who is one of the most famous women in television comedy EVER. Then there’s Ginnifer Goodwin who is the single greatest thing about Big Love. And the […]