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05 April 2014

Sense Of An Ending

By // Books

Julian Barnes’s latest novel, Sense Of An Ending, has been well received. It’s won the 2011 Man Booker prize. It’s well written—which, in this case, actually just means that the …

02 April 2014

Read Doughnut

By // Books

Tom Holt’s Doughnut is an utter confection* of silliness, sci-fi, world hopping, and awkward family relationships. If you’re unfamiliar with the realm of funny sci-fi, then dearest reader let me …

22 March 2014

Must Read: The Last Werewolf Series

By // Books

Glen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf series is a powerful, engrossing, delicious delivery of violence, sex, musings on the why’s of life, questions about the nature of humanity (and monstrosity, as …

21 March 2014

Love The Basic 8

By // Books

Gosh. The Basic 8 is one of those books I wish I’d read in high school. I mean, half a decade later it’s still amazing, I just know though, that …

13 September 2013

Read Before You See: The Book Thief

By // Books

Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief is a masterpiece. I’m dead serious. So I’m both excited and terrified by the prospect that a movie interpretation of the book will be in …

28 July 2013

We Recommend: Orphan Black

By // TV

There’s this little BBC America show about clones—Orphan Black?—you might have heard of it (and how people are ready to swear bloody vengeance because a certain actress was Emmy snubbed). …

08 June 2013

Recommended: Eleanor & Park

By // Books

Wow. I am super not qualified to objectively talk about this book in even a pseudo opinions-are-never-really-objective way. I have zero distance from this thing. I am in it, it’s …

03 June 2013

The Andalucian Friend: Nope

By // Books

The press team on The Andalucian Friend is working their tails off to try and convince the general public that The Andalucian Friend is the Swedish thriller book equivalent of …

02 June 2013

Fat Angie

By // Books

I. Wow. E.E. Charlton-Trujillo’s Fat Angie is a triumph and a mess and funny and brutally honest and gimmicky and clichéd and wonderful and a freaking thousand volts straight to …

03 May 2013

Vampires In the Lemon Grove

By // Books

Vampires in the Lemon Grove is Karen Russell’s second collection of short stories. Her first, St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, and her first novel, Swamplandia!, received quite …

29 April 2013

See Now Then by Jamaica Kincaid

By // Books

I haven’t had a whole bunch of exposure to Jamaica Kincaid. I read Girl (which fairly blew my mind, GO READ THAT!), so there’s that, I guess. But I’m no …

09 April 2013

Must Read: The Thomas Cromwell Series

By // Books

Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell series is fantastic. The series is planned to consist of three books, two of which are already out (Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies). The …

18 February 2013

The Love Song of Jonny Valentine

By // Books

Teddy Wayne’s latest novel, The Love Song of Jonny Valentine, is about 11-year-old tween pop star, Jonny Valentine, and the circus that is his life. In the book, Jonny relates …

12 February 2013

The Average American Marriage by Chad Kultgen

By // Books

Chad Kultgen’s latest novel, The Average American Marriage is the sequel to his provocative first novel, The Average American Male. The Average American Marriage is much like The Average American …

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